Saturday, 8 December 2012

Home Again

Got home very early Saturday morning, saved the 'shave off of the tache' until I had had a good night's sleep. Now with a hairless top lip I have got used to the cold, stuggled with the news that the allotment was 3ft under water during our time in Morocco and had the latest operation, basically a repeat of the last one that failed to become a permanent solution. The sponsored tache for Movember raised £380 which I am pleased with.
A bit more mobile this morning(Sat 8th) that I managed to watch a Goldcrest scouring the trees and bushes in the garden for enough food to keep it going in these cold conditions. Amazing how these little things survive really; anyway brightened my breakfast. Cath then dragged me out to watch some winter visitors and I managed to find a group of them along the Myton Road.
They posed for the camera until disturbed by the shoppers, then I went back for a pee!