Friday, 14 May 2010

Kaya valley

enjoying our stay in the beautiful Kaya valley. From here we have visited Olu Deniz, Butterfly valley(no butterflies but a lovely beach and gorge plus a few old hippies left over from some time ago!) Kammukale, Gemiler(the local beach with wonderful views across the bay) Salikent gorge (walked up some way through the raging torrents....well it was flowing fast) Patara ruins and beach. At the moment sat in a cafe on the front in Fethiye looking at the mountains surrounding the really is a stunning coastline.
Sorry for lack of emails and photos on the blog but we can only access reasonable internet occassionally as the signal tends to be poor and the photos take ages to load.
thanks to all who have emailed us.
Apparently the comments for the blog does not seem to be easy to access so any comments are best emailed to
two more days of milk for our coffee and butter for our bread (access to a fridge!) then we'll be back on the road again looking for the elusive campsites.
over to the bird report: Nothing amazing yet, by my standards limited birdwatching so far, the star bird was the Kruper's Nuthatch tracked down in the local pinewoods and today an albino jay!! (running total now above 110)
football report....Still disappointed with the match, we did not do enough to win and lost to a sucker punch; will I ever see my team in a european final again. Only with some new players!
Pete is now looking like and driving like a Turk but fortunately is skilled at tortoise dodging which is our new sport when driving around.
All for now before battery runs out or I press the wrong button again and Pete abondons me..could be worse places to be!!