Friday, 25 June 2010

had a good few days in Preveza with our friends and we got the blame for the unseasonal weather conditions but it did mean we did more sightseeing.
We left on Wednesday to catch the evening ferry from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi (Italy) all well until 2.30 am when the ferry had to return to Igoumenitsa due to "technical problems".
Sooooooooooooo! we have spent a day on the boat docked at port.... fortunately still had access to our cabin so we could catch up on lost sleep. Tried pretending we were on a cruise but the standard of meals( and frequency) plus lackof evening entertainment didn't seem too convincing.
Fortunately the boat was fit to sail last night (thurs) so today we have driven the length of Italy and ended up finding a lovely hotel in Susa( just outside Turin) surrounded by fabulous views of the mountains, before we go through the Frejus tunnel to France on our way to the Ardeche to visit friends there.
Not much birding as autostrada all the way. Pete says he did manage to see a Montagues harrier just to prove me wrong!
Hope to get to see our friends for a couple of days then head back to Calais for the trip home next week.