Friday, 12 November 2010

Camel safari

We are back in Jaisalmer after our trip into the desert. Unbelievably it rained as we set up camp...we just managed to eat supper before retiring to our tents so no sitting around the campfire under the stars !
Also the tents are not geared up for heavy rain, understandably, so they leaked and we spent the night on damp mattresses with damp duvet cover !
Fortunately it was a warm night so we did manage a reasonable sleep and British and Canadian grit won through.
One of the chaps had had hailstorms in the desert in Wadi Rum so we blamed him for the jinx !
It was rocky scrub desert and there are a lot of windfarms here now paid for by business men with a reward from the govt. over the next 25 yrs.
Jaisalmer must be the only town in India that has benefitted from the two wars with Pakistan as it is the last frontier settlement and previously were quite isolated but now have a huge military base and the bonuses that it brings to the community with jobs,electricity and other services.
After two days on the camels we now all walk like John Wayne and are really looking forward to the bus again tomorrow (not)