Thursday, 15 November 2012

Can you see it? This is at the end of the first week but unable (or too embarrassed) to publish earlier as we are stuck in Norfolk.

Thursday 15th

Fog today so a chance to catch up with the bird records. Early morning visits to Titchwell have managed to get the list ticking over. Loads of ducks and geese and a Brambling on the feeders though nothing unexpected. A walk from Thornham to Hunstanton yielded a lovely flock of Snow Buntings on the beach of Holme. On Monday the walk from Morston to Wells was wonderful but bird free until we were just outside Wells where a Barn Owl distracted us for 10 mins and nearly caused us to miss the bus! We had spent an hour earlier that day catching up with the Sacred Ibis and Chris and Jim, all from Brandon.
Yesterday was Snettisham as it was the last non foggy day, and what a good decision. Geese and waders in their thousands flying overhead calling and swishing their wings! marvellous. The only new bird was a Linnet, shows how things are slowing down on that front. A walk in the afternoon fron Burnham Overy to Holkham was stunning, unfortunately the Red Kite was not a new bird but I did get fleeting views of the Rough-legged Buzzard and good views of a Water Pipit.
Heading back tomorrow so with visibility down to 100m unlikely to add anything new today. The  running total is now 116. Off to shave and get ready for the second photo.
Next blog from Warwick at the weekend