Thursday, 13 June 2013

Somewhere in the hills

Those hoping for some cultural insights will be disappointed as Cath is busy reading so it is time for a bird catch up after the technical glitches at Guadalupe and the backwater which is Cuenca. Still managing to add birds to the list despite bypassing known birding hotspots. Managed a couple of Golden Eagles on route, the one outside Cuenca was quite low and showed well enough to see it was about a year old. Again in Cuenca had a bit of a tit fest on a walk before the evening meal and then two birds of the night afterwards. Long-tailed, Coal and Crested were the former and Scop's and European Nightjar the latter. Amazingly yesterday's family party of Robins was the first of the trip; a bit more exotic were the Cirl Bunting and the Short-toed Treecreeper.
Today en route to Abbaracin managed a couple of Northern Wheatears and this lizard stayed still long enough to take it's portrait despite the wing mirror being in the way!

The limestone scenery on today's journey has been stunning; hopefully there wont be too much to see in the town and we can do some walking in the hills tomorrow.