Friday, 7 May 2010

Bit of a catch up after the weak signals in the hotels. The mosques of Bursa were fascinating but were swamped by the more recent buildings. Now in Selcuck via the bird paradise (Kuscenneti) which had a thriving Dalmation Pelican colony. It seems that the numbers of Herons etc have started to decrease due industrialisation but they were still staggering. A reserve with just one hide, twice as high as the tower hide at Slimbridge. Cath discovered that she could digiscope down my telescope and so here are her first offerings.
We are off to Ephesus tomorrow having visited the museum and the cathedral of 'The Apostle John' which were both very interesting. Selcuck is a delightful and relaxing place, a good stop off point for two days. Had dinner at the campsite practising our French with the only other campers.