Monday, 10 May 2010

Enjoyed our stay in Selcuk. A lovely town with much history Ephesus actually moved there when the harbour silted up (forgotten the date sorry) and then back again to the other site. Also it is where the apostle John stayed and also according to some thought the virgin mary ( although no longer a virgin at this point !!) John took charge of her after the death of jesus and she travelled around with him. We visited the Baptistry and the ruins of the cathedral built in his honour to house his tomb. Also another lovely old mosque where we were shown round by the iman who was a liberal sort and didn,t want us to remove our shoes etc as he said allah was in our hearts. Also the museum full of the relics from Ephesus...the town is worth a visit Ali And Will.Also the laid back beach bar at Pamucak !
Had the campsite to ourselves apart from one night when joined by a french speaking couple from switzerland so we conversed over dinner in our best school french.
Then on to Fethiye via the ruins at Priene another interesting site very much quieter then Ephesus and in a beautiful location on the hillside.
We are now in our cottage at Kaya Koy overlooking the mountains and the abandoned Greek village. The owner is a primary school deputy head on secondment for the year and teaching at the local school (her husband works back in the Uk as an educational consultant) can,t get away from teachers !
Sorry everyone but it is very hot here in fact hotter than normal and this is curtailing our siteseeing somewhat although Pete is getting on OK with the birding as he is up at 6 and out in the forest .
Wonderful setting not only a bee eater colony nearby but also displaying roller in the village and Kruper,s nuthatch in the pine forest, hopefully pictures to follow.