Friday, 7 June 2013

Last full day

Cool, windy with the threat of rain not what you might expect at this time in Spain. In fact it was much like a normal summer's bird watching in England. We set off for the Castille and vulture crag and despite the occasional rain drop the little birds performed well while the vultures dried off before they set out for their food search. We had great views of Black Redstarts, Blue Rock Thrushes and for the first time this week Rock Sparrow and Rock Bunting. A coffee stop whilst the heavens opened and then back to the birding. Persuaded Lesley to part with some biscuits and 4 Azure-winged Magpies came in for a feast. Then spent time trying to persuade Golden Oriole and Turtle Dove to come into view, succeeded with the latter quite splendidly but failed with the former and also with Firecrest who could not be brought down from the tree tops.
The last stop was at the 'Eagle Owl' crags which are totally misnamed BUT we did see Red Kites harrying a Spanish Imperial Eagle, Egyptian Vultures mating and then one still feeling frisky chasing off a Short-toed Eagle. Quite a way to finish off the week; we are dropping off the seven amigos at Madrid airport tomorrow and then we start our week trip around the south of Madrid and up to Bilbao. Hopefully more to follow as we make progress; plus some photos.