Thursday, 6 June 2013

Too many good birds

It comes to something when the cdry from the back of the bus is for 'just another Roller'!! Woodchats, Hoopoes and Azure-winged Magpies are hardly mentioned. Today's trip was to the rice fields and with a bit of advice from a fellow guest found the fields with a nesting group of Collared Pratincoles who duly put on a spectacular show of chasing insects to take back to the nest.The Gull-billed Terns were nowhere near as acrobatic. In nearby hedges we found the foreign interlopers, Waxbill and Red Avadavats who provided a gaudy sideshow. This evening went looking for Nightjars who were calling but not sitting on the roads due to the cool day, 22C. In the town beforehand finally got the group to differentiate between Pallid and Common Swifts. It is late so I'll finish this and my nightcap and get to bed.