Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Another hot day in the field

After breakfast and tearing ourselves away fom the local Great Grey Shrikes, Hoopoes, Larks and Spanish Sparrows we set ourselves the task of sorting out some local warblers. Not easy at this time of the year as they were spending all their time feeding youngsters instead of singing. Arrived on site and we were drowned out by Nightingales but with a little perseverence we found Melodious, Dartford, Sardinian and, to a select group of 4, a pair of Orphean warblers. Flushed with success and heat, it was now 29C, we set off to the Arrocampo Reservoirs. A splendid wetland reserve which holds a huge Purple Heron population. Bird activity was not as great as we had hoped, not really surprising  considering the time and heat but we did manage good views of Egrets, Purple Gallinule, Spoonbills, Marsh harriers and Night |Herons. Savi's, Great Reed and Fan-tailed completed the warbler total for the day .
Back at base we rounded off the day with a plate of cooked thistles, much better than they sound, in fact the food at this rural hostal has been excellent and warmly recommended by the whole party