Tuesday, 4 June 2013

relaxing day

30 degree heat, wine at lunchtime and a beer on getting back this could be a little incoherent. Set off this morning in an atempt to find some sandgrouse flying to there drinking holes. Failed but found some more bustards and a pair of Black-winged Stilts in a roadside pond. Headed off to Trujillo as it got hot for some R&R; churches, conquistadors and town birding. Failed in my attempts to explain the finer points of Pallid and Common Swifts ID, as soon as I mentioned bigger hips my chances slumped. After a three hour lunch went to find the colony of Lesser Kestrels in the old bullring.This was more successful as the parents were making continuous feeding trips for the youngsters hidden under the tiles of the roof.
Some Cattle Egrets found some good vantage points only to be renamed as Sheep Egrets

Our garden birds in an intimate moment of grooming.